CABLE » Heavy Duty HO7RN-F Rubber


•   Heavy duty construction site leads for drills, pumps, saws, kangos

•   Cranes, hoists & festoon systems

•   Stage & theatre power & lighting

•   Portable motors, generators & power supplies

•   Submersible to 100 metres plus



Designed as a heavy duty flexible for dry, damp and wet environments, areas of stress caused by vibration or impact and is resistant to abrasion, exposure to radiated heat and chemical contamination.

Because of the black, flame retardant CSP sheath Cables suitable for areas subject to fire hazard and hazardous locations.

Cables consist of finely stranded copper conductors laid up to provide a flexible design. R-EP-90 elastomer insulation provides improved current capacities.

Cables above 16mm² and all control cables have an elastomer inner sheath. The CSP elastomer sheath (Hypalon) is oil resistant and flame retardant in accordance with VDE 0472.

The construction is in accordance with the Australian Standards AS 1125, AS 3191, AS 3116 and DIN/VDE 0282 IEC332-1 and CENELEC standards for O7RN.

Cables, covered by the Prescribed Items Act mandatory approval for flexible leads, are accordingly covered by Approval Certificate No. 11551.



•   Minimum permissible ambient temperature       -40°C

•   Maximum permissible short circuit temperature       250°C

•   Minimum ambient temperature for optimum fully flexible operation       -25°C


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