23 August 2013


Hazardous Area Cable Glands

Cable specialist Kabex Australia has released two OSCG (E1WF & E1XF) ranges of IECEx cable glands for use with steel wire armour and/or braided screened cables in hazardous areas including petrochemical, oil & gas, chemical, fertiliser, shipbuilding, paint and solvent, sugar, LNG, power and mining industries along with anywhere else where flammable atmosphere may exist.

The E1WF & E1XF glands have double compression for outer/inner jacket of cable. Compression seals are made from Silicone instead of PVC as is the standard and can also be used for all types of armoured cables.

Complying to a range of international regulations, the E1WF & E1XF cable glands (E1WF is for Steel Wire Armoured cables & E1XF is for Braided screen cables) are IECEx certified for use in hazardous industrial areas within Australia as they are also triple certified Exd IIC, Exe II, ExtD A21 for Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22.

According to James Smith, Manager of Kabex Australia, “With hazardous area products its critical they perform exactly how they are designed”.

“If you terminate a cable, inspect it, decide you need to redo the termination then the compression seals that are made from PVC are compromised and the integrity of the product certification cannot be guaranteed”.

“Maybe a cable will be removed or replaced and if the cable gland is reused then again it may not offer the required protection for the hazardous area making it unsafe. With our glands that use Silicone seals, this is no longer a problem”.

The main features of both these cables are:

- Full range of thread sizes available up to M100 or 4”NPT

- Metric threads supplied complete with locknut and sealing washer

- Available in Nickel Plated Brass or Stainless Steel.


Technical data on OSCG E1WF armoured cable glands and E1XF braided cable glands

Technical Data:



Cable Type:

Armoured Cable Gland

Braided Cable Gland

IECEx Certification:

IECEx KOS 03.0018x

IECEx KOS 09.0016x


Exd IIC, Exe II, ExtD A21, IP66/67


Zones 1, 2, 21, 22

Gland Material:

Nickel Plated Brass/Stainless Steel

Seal Material:


Sealing Area:

Outer/Inner Jacket of Cable

Optional Accessories:

Shroud, Serrated Washer, Earth Tag, Adaptor, Reducer, Elbow, Stopping Plug