CABLE » Ozoflex Plus Screened


Specifically designed for pumps in water waste-water under medium mechanical stress.

•   Sewage treatment plants

•   Waste water pumps, effluent aerators

•   For pumps requiring control cores

•   Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

•   Abattoirs (high temp chemical cleaning)

•   Dairy industry

•   Mining - de-watering

•   Chemical plants & steelworks

•   Hygenic cleaning in breweries, food processing plants etc.

•   Water depth approx. 10m in waste water, up to 500m in all other types



OZOFLEX (PLUS) cables consist of finely stranded copper conductors laid up to provide a flexible design. R-EP-90 elastomer insulation provides improved current capacities. Cables above 16mm² and all control cables include an additional elastomer inner sheath and all cables up to 6mm² have tinned conductors. The specially compounded heavy duty CSP Elastomer sheath (Hypalon) is oil resistant and flame retardant and resists the effects of water absorption.

The construction is in accordance with the Australian Standards AS 1125, AS 3191, AS/NZS 5001-1 and DIN/VDE 282 and CENELEC standards for 07RN, IEC 60 332-1.



•   Minimum permissible ambient temperature       -40°C

•   Maximum permissible short circuit temperature       250°C

•   Minimum ambient temperature for optimum fully flexible operation       -25°C


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